How to make projects without coding skills?

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This question is similar to that which is “How to cook some food, without any water or vegetables or something like that?”. Is it possible?

Right, if we have no experience with cooking, it does not mean that we will be hungry. We can buy a half-ready product, and according to its instructions, we can prepare the food for ourselves.

Programming is also like that. There are different platforms on the internet that can make this kind of opportunity.

According to the category of development, I mean mobile, desktop, or web, I will introduce the platforms step by step now.

For web development, there are few ways to create the projects. One of them is using Content Management Systems. Among them, WordPress is considered more powerful and popular.

For mobile development, you can create some apps like gaming. There will be different objects and their properties to make the user interface of the app, and also be logical and mathematical blocks to create the functionality of the app. For instance, App Inventor, Thunkable, Kodular and many more.

For desktop development, it is a little bit different. You should practice more on programming.

I have no idea about creating desktop projects without coding. If you know any other ways, you can comment below.

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